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Java2Days 2023 Summer Edition Rescheduled to Autumn 2023

17 May


Java2Days 2023 Summer Edition Rescheduled to Autumn 2023

In light of recent developments, we are writing to inform our esteemed participants, partners, and…

Albena Resort: The Perfect Setting for Java2Days 2023

09 May


Albena Resort: The Perfect Setting for Java2Days 2023

Nestled along the Black Sea, Albena Resort offers a unique combination of sea, sand, greenery,…

One Month Left: Java2Days 2023 Call for Papers Deadline Approaching!

02 May


One Month Left: Java2Days 2023 Call for Papers Deadline Approaching!

Attention Java enthusiasts and experts! There’s just one month left to submit your proposals for…

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Java2Days 2023 #Hybrid

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Java2Days 2022 #Virtual

Keynote Speakers

Yasen Yankov


Iva Abadjieva

Innovation Center Inc.

Reza Rahman


Dr. Pavlin Dobrev

Java2Days 2022 #Virtual

1st Wave of Speakers

Andrew Lombardi

Wajdi Ben Rabah

Ko Turk


Alexander Schwartz

Red Hat

Radoslaw Szulgo


Alexander Reelsen


Kalina Hristova


Irina Marudina

DXC Technology

Laura Bell

SafeStack Academy

Paulo Lopes

Red Hat

Taner Ilyazov

Delta Source

Petyo Dimitrov

Musala Soft

David Pilato


Brian Benz


Anisha Malde


Nikolay Angelov


Yasen Yankov


Joris Mertens


Svetlana Doneva


Stamo Petkov

Information Services JSC

Nikolay Stoitsev

Halo DX

Ivo Nikolov

Information Services JSC

Hristo Hristov


Simon Ritter


Boris Kostadinov

Information Services JSC

Mani Sarkar

Ivar Grimstad

Nicolas Frankel

Vili Mileva Yankova


Ahmad Gohar


Chiamaka Okenwa


Deyan Genovski


Nino Crudele


Tushka Dermendzhieva


Ivan Kozhirug


Ali Ok

Red Hat

Milan Milanov

Halo DX

Steve Poole


Abhishek Verma


Atanas Kuzmanov

Schwarz IT Bulgaria

Iva Abadjieva

Innovation Center Inc.

Iskren Chernev

Reza Rahman


Ryan Cuprak

Dassault Systemes

Josh Long


Otavio Goncalves de Santana

Zup Innovation

Rudy De Busscher

Payara Services

Alvaro Muñoz

GitHub Security Lab

Sun Tan

Red Hat

Andres Cespedes Morales


Dmitry Alexandrov


Werner Keil

Svetlin Nakov


Dr. Pavlin Dobrev


Irina Kamalova


Martin Kuvandzhiev

What To Expect

Java2Days Highlights

The 1st Java conference in Eastern Europe

The first edition of Java2Days was held on 8-9 October 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The brand new event brought together top speakers including Reza Rahman, Josh Long, John Willis and many others who presented in front of the passionate Java developers from the region.

Java2Days is a must-attend event

Java2Days is a must-attend event for anyone in the Java development area. The conference program will include a combination of keynotes, sessions, workshops, discussions led by industry’s top experts as well as social events where developers can meet and learn from their peers.

In-depth technical training for developers

Java2Days features more than 80+ in-depth sessions across 12 different tracks dedicated to help the software developers and IT professionals to improve their professional skills. This is simply the right place where developers could learn from world leading Java geeks.

The best networking experience

Java2Days offers the best networking experience for software developers and IT professionals. The attendees have the unique chance to speak face-to-face with world leading speakers, Java experts and industry colleagues during the sessions, discussions and social events.

Java2Days is the most recognised dev event

Java2Days is the only software development conference in Europe recognised by the leading business media like Forbes. Java2Days received a special award for “Valuable contribution to the development of the IT environment in Bulgaria” at Forbes Business Awards 2016.

Community Friendly - Supporting Regional JUGs

Java2Days is a commercial event, but we do support the community! During the last 9 years the event has been offering more than 300 free passes to regional JUG’s leaders and community members. It also gives a chance to local speakers to present alongside world leading experts.

1 Event
15 Years
500 Speakers
20000 Attendees

Java2Days Tracks

Java and the Modern Ecosystem

Covering the latest advancements in Java language features, libraries, frameworks, and tools for building high-performance, scalable applications

Microservices and Cloud-Native Development

Focusing on best practices, patterns, and tools for designing, building, and deploying Java-based microservices and cloud-native applications

Reactive Programming and Asynchronous Systems

Exploring the use of reactive libraries, frameworks, and patterns for building responsive, resilient, and scalable Java applications

AI and Machine Learning in Java

Showcasing the integration of Java with AI and ML technologies, libraries, and frameworks, and discussing how these can be applied to real-world problems

Low Code/No Code and Java

Investigating the role of low code/no code platforms in Java development and how they can be used to accelerate application development and innovation

IoT and Edge Computing with Java

Exploring the use of Java for developing IoT applications and edge computing solutions, including best practices, tools, and frameworks

Java Security and Privacy

Discussing the latest best practices, techniques, and tools for securing Java applications and addressing common security vulnerabilities and privacy concerns

Modern Web Development with Java

Covering the latest trends, tools, and frameworks for building modern, responsive web applications using Java and related technologies

Java Testing and Continuous Integration

Investigating best practices and tools for Java testing, including unit, integration, and performance testing, as well as continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines

Java Performance and Optimization

Focusing on strategies, tools, and techniques for optimizing Java application performance, memory management, and garbage collection

DevOps and Java

Discussing the integration of Java applications into DevOps processes, tools, and practices, including containerization, orchestration, monitoring, and automation

Java and Big Data

Exploring the use of Java for big data processing, analytics, and visualization, including tools, frameworks, and best practices

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Software Developers

Project Managers

Software Architects

C-level Attendees & Managers

QA Engineers

IT Professionals

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Albena Resort

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